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Most things that are needed are so very small in size, but loom large in how they touch. I asked so much from this wonderful community, try to give back some, but I’m afraid the scale tips in my favor most every day. I’m heading back to Paris in October and November, to continue my work witnessing and listening to those on the edge—the refugees. I’m offering this course, Why, to raise funds for things that I’d love to offer those groups there in Paris and surrounding areas. Small items, but are so large in the eyes of those who need. Pens, notebooks, soap, toothpaste, tea and coffee. All such small items, but mean the world to those that seek just a bit of humanity. I’m going to be offering Why at a very reduced rate. 
I normally offer for $49, but will be offering for $29. I’d really just love as many people in there as possible to show them we care and want to help. I truly love our corner of the world and I love spreading it.

By the time we are five years old, we've lost what we'll spend the rest of our lives trying to find. —unknown.

I still struggle with the answer to that question, why, most days, every so often feeling that I have the answer, but I don’t. What I do have is the continuing desire to seek, to grow and to witness all that holds me for those split seconds of connection that’s given to me.

It’s our nature to want to know answers to the questions we ask, but what if the questions were enough? What if the time we spent searching was the most meaningful time spent, that the journey held in it much more than any destination ever could? If the search for the “why” was all that was needed and all that was sought. Maybe the purpose of any perceived unknown answer is to encourage us to ask those hard questions of ourselves.

I had an art teacher once breakdown artists into two categories—simplifying, but he had a point. One, was the artist that was driven by the final product. The painting, the photograph, the sculpture. They have a willingness to stay headstrong in what it is they want, process to them is a tedious task that’s only worth is to get to that finally held envisioned piece. Then there is the artist that is driven only by the process. The relish in the laboring task, the meaningful moments that bring them to a place that almost never comes, that time when one must let go. Truly great photographers have been both.

I sometimes think that Henri Cartier Bresson was the former, anxious to see that “perfect moment”. Hold it and ponder it again. Whereas Vivian Maier was more about the process, never even really concerned about developing her film, the practice of the capture was enough. They were very differently driven, but what was common between them is the drive for the why that shows up in their willingness to spend a lifetime asking with each photograph made. I’m not sure they ever held the answer and I hold onto the idea that the question was their force, not a found answer.

This 10 day course, Why, we will dive into why we need to search, why we need to photograph, why we need to express and hold onto that which is our own. Why we search for ourselves in those small seconds of what we capture. We’ll come together on Instagram and share through the hashtag #foundinquestions—which will give us a togetherness and support. We will also have a private Facebook group—a private space for us to gather. I’ll be in both spaces to provide supportive feedback—I’m in it with you.

Why starts on Monday, September 25th and ends Friday, October 6th. An email will be delivered straight to your inbox each day for 10 days. The cost for this 10 day eCourse is at the much reduced rate of $29.00 (to register, click button above or below).

The proceeds from this class will be going to help refugees in Paris, witnessing—seeing—those, Afghans, Iraqis, Northern Africans, Sudanese and Ethiopians, all displaced and unseen by the world around. 

Again, I hold no answers, I too ask myself these questions everyday, each day gaining a patient growth. I so hope you'll be with us on this journey.