True Colors :: a desert calling


We, Jen Lemen and Henry Lohmeyer, are going to the desert in September. We’re going because we’re nomads at heart, because we love this earth, because we can’t get enough of adventure, because we carry around (still) too much shame for being so deeply feeling, so serious and at the same time, so ridiculously junior high. And, because we feel that healing is the greatest part of growth.

We're taking our cameras, our expression and our hearts.

We’re going because even at our age we’re STILL struggling with our true colors and letting them show. We still, after all this personal work, feel shame too often for feeling so damn much and because it feels like time TO BE COMPLETELY OVER THAT SHIT.


We’re going to the Sonoran desert, three nights, Sept. 15th–18th. We’re gonna stay in Airstreams in the middle of nowhere. We’re gonna go out on the land and wander around and photograph and lay down under stars and just be.


We’re gonna let go of some stuff. And because we’re photographer/artist/wandering type of people, we’re going to use our photography to help us.

The way we always do.

By taking timeless portraits that capture what can’t be said with words. By letting the elements guide and shape our composition. By becoming deeply present to the way everything changes when we show up with our hearts--in or outside the frame. And because we’re always looking around hoping someone will appear out of nowhere, we are inviting you.


The one who always wanted to go to the desert, but never had a good excuse. The one who knows what it means to need space--to feel really seen and honored for just being however you are, no modifications or special behavior required. The one who is tired of coloring in the lines, doing the routine, following all the rules. All the time.

And yeah, maybe you’re a photographer. Maybe you’re not. But you want to really take your time and see things the way you like to see them without being rushed. You want to take it in. Knowing that whatever you see will be honored and held sacred, which is all you need to push yourself to see even more.

Because we need our true colors to shine the whole way through. And we don’t want to be afraid to let them show anymore—we still have so much more to give. It would be SO great to share this together.

Our thought.

Being in the desert, we'll be engaging with elemental Photography:
Documenting Air, Fire, Metal, Stone, Water

  • Light on Landscape
  • Golden Hour
  • Timeless Portraiture
  • Nature Embodied
  • Land Art as Ritual

This is an all-inclusive experience. Get to Tucson, Arizona, and we’ll provide exquisite care from the gate all the way to our destination until it’s time to fly back home.

You can look forward to:

  • Three yummy healthy meals a day with dinner shared around a common table. (Accommodations made for the gluten/dairy free, vegetarians and any/all allergies). Jen’s famous Magic Apple Cake for extra sustenance. Snacks for when we’re on the go.

  • Easy mornings and not too late bedtimes. You’ll rest easy and relax the whole way.

  • An off the grid detox from the grind of work, email and yes, social media.

  • Cool nights, warm days and a schedule designed for restoration, recovery and recharge. And yes, the most gentle kind of transformation if that’s what your soul desires.

  • A highly creative environment with open land, cozy Airstreams and a way back when feeling.

Our homes way from home.

The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court’s long and epic journey began in 1927 as a place to provide trailer and camping spaces to weary travelers along the famous Highway 80, which stretched from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego, California.  Like its more famous brother Route 66, Highway 80 was a center of travel, exploration and family getaways in the early portions of the 20th century.  Today, the trailer court is a nice mix of practicality and vintage fun-seeking for travelers.


We really want your time with us to be a nurturing and restful experience—a time for healing and transitions. 


We're only holding ten spots and only two of them remain. Total cost is $1,950.00. Click the button below to secure your spot with a $750 deposit*, balance due by Sept. 1st. 


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email either one or both of us. We will answer any question you may have.   jen.lemen@gmail.com  henrylohmeyer@gmail.com



Jen Lemen tells stories about human nature, connection and the wild untamed heart. An award-winning photographer and intrepid traveler, Jen learned the art of story catching on the back of motorcycles in Rwanda, in fields full of love in earthquake torn Kathmandu and the hope filled Lyft cars of Washington DC.




Henry Lohmeyer uses his lens to capture the edges of vulnerability, where heart meets soul and the courage to be seen is the only thing left waiting. A seasoned photographer, Henry’s learned his craft by wandering the streets of St. Louis, Los Angeles, NYC and most recently Paris, France for three months, where the stories of men arriving from Afghanistan and elsewhere illuminates for all of us just how fragile it is, this notion we hold of “home.”



*Because of limited space available, deposit is non-refundable.