Discover :: New Orleans

April 27th–29th

Gathering is full. Hope you'll be with us next time. 

I feel we spend too much time worrying about whether our work is good or bad, accepted or otherwise, we lose sight of the mystery of that space between the two—that place that is always vulnerable and sometimes scary. We too often look upon it as that gray area that holds no meaning, that simply alters us from one end or the other, but maybe it's more. Maybe it's that place of growth, that place that matters, that place that holds all of our deepest fears and triumphs—a place that holds all of our questions and all that we may discover.

Let us come together for these two nights and days and support one another through that mysterious time, asking all the questions with no expectations other than those of growth and self discovery.  


We are limiting this gathering to only seven people, wanting the experience to be an intimate and safe gathering.  This cozy 3BR—9 bed/1BA home is located 4 miles from the French Quarters.A great location to enjoy the best of New Orleans in an amazing neighborhood MINUTES FROM EVERYTHING!!


We will be tucked away in a more quiet neighborhood, home away from home. We will be sharing a flat, each person with own bed. It will be our place of gathering to share our feelings of the day, maybe our trepidations for the next. It will be a safe place where we will share meals and thoughts. 

The price of this gathering will include:


  • All inclusive*. Accommodations for two nights. Shared breakfasts and dinners—catering to each persons dietary needs. *Excluding lunch on Saturday.

  • Guided each moment there, seeing not only the noted beauty of New Orleans, but more so, the discrete ones as well.

  • Transportation will be provided for all as needed. 

  • Each night will be filled with food, music, experiencing, sharing and supporting one another's creativity and the feelings we express. 

  • I'm honored to be helped by and joined with Jess Ray on this trip. I've learned so much from her as I know each of you will also. She's such a thoughtful photographer. 



We will only have room for seven people. Cost per person is only $1,200. The early bird price is $1,100 if paid in full by March 16th. To hold your place, a deposit of $650** is needed at signup with the balance due by April 9th. To sign up, please pay deposit to my Paypal account, (paying as friends or family is appreciated. It allows me to pass on savings). ...Gathering is full. 


Agendas are a necessary evil, most of my gatherings, even as many as 15, end up more conversational and intimate—sharing, expressing and growing—it's really all connected to what we feel about all that we see and the photos we make. With that said, I will be sending out an agenda as the time approaches, but again, want to stay in tune to the group ethos and how we are feeling from day-to-day. Shooting varies from one day to the next, but also for me, a day lifts the next and the next, like something growing. It's really all we know to do, staying open to spaces and others. 



Henry Lohmeyer uses his lens to capture the edges of vulnerability, where heart meets soul and the courage to be seen is the only thing left waiting. A seasoned photographer, Henry’s learned his craft by wandering the streets of St. Louis, Los Angeles, NYC and most recently Paris for six months, where the stories of men arriving from Afghanistan and elsewhere illuminates for all of us just how fragile it is, this notion we hold of “home.”




Jess Ray blends visual storytelling with fine art dog photography -  baring witness to the dynamic human/canine bond. A life long student of the craft of photography, Jess opens a window into her life as a “dog mom” and SPCA volunteer. An advocate for those without a voice, bringing awareness to the plight of forgotten canine souls in shelters near and far. With a camera in hand and a dog by her side, Jess finds her center -  a way to slow everything down, collecting moments, communicating with images what lies deep in her heart.


*It is my intention to secure this space, but if another is needed, due to fewer signups or to unforeseen events, accommodations as nice or nicer will be chosen. 

**Because of limited space available, deposits are nonrefundable.