Flâneur :: A Daily Adventure

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The City is Your Forest

Sometimes the magic we need is waiting in our own backyard. Wake up every morning to a secret mission in your inbox,  inviting you to wander your familiar world from a whole new point of view. Learn how to see opportunities for connection and all the ways a gentle eye and open heart can bring us closer.

Your daily email will include: 

  • A one-minute audio meditation to consider a new way of moving in the world. 

  • A secret mission to help you wander and explore in a new way. 

  • A story or image to remind you that the city is your forest and that the most regular of places can be invitations to becoming more open, more curious and more free. 

Our hope is that as you learn the gentle art of flaneuring, that you'll understand how connected we are and how the beauty of quiet appreciation and presence can infuse our world with kindness and a renewed sense of calm and care. 

In this 10 day eCourse, Flâneur, we will touch those parts of our creativity that still long for adventure and lead us to that place we may have forgotten—that space where magic lives urges us to discover and express who we are and all that is our truth. We’ll come together on Instagram and share through the hashtag #flaneuradventure—which will give us a togetherness and support. We will also have a private Facebook group—a private space for us to gather, share our steps through the forest and the magic it holds. We’ll be in both spaces to provide supportive feedback—we’re in it with you.

Flâneur starts on Monday, June 5th and ends Friday, June 16th. An email will be delivered straight to your inbox each day for 10 days. The introductory cost for this 10 day eCourse is just $49.00 (to register, click button above or below).

Registration is now closed.



Jen Lemen tells stories about human nature, connection and the wild untamed heart. An award-winning photographer and intrepid traveler, Jen learned the art of story catching on the back of motorcycles in Rwanda, in fields full of love in earthquake torn Kathmandu and the hope filled Lyft cars of Washington DC.




Henry Lohmeyer uses his lens to capture the edges of vulnerability, where heart meets soul and the courage to be seen is the only thing left waiting. A seasoned photographer, Henry’s learned his craft by wandering the streets of St. Louis, Los Angeles, NYC and most recently Paris, France, where the stories of men arriving from Afghanistan and elswhere illuminates for all of us just how fragile it is, this notion we hold of “home.”


We would love for you to join us!