Choices :: Paris

October 20th–23rd

(Limited to five people only)

I recently spent three months in Paris, photographing the refugees there and in the surrounding areas. I prepared for six months for what I would see and experience, as much as possible. It was life changing for me and I am so grateful. What I wasn't expecting was the city itself. The time, the wisdom, the beauty and the love she offered. Most of all, I wasn't prepared to be alone, to face the time, the space and the choices I needed to make around my work, my expression and myself. Paris is a magical place that is open to so many interpretations of it and ourselves. Open to be experienced by those willing to walk her streets and get to know all that is Paris. It's a place of found scenes, found places and found self—to be captured, accepted and remembered always. 


We are limiting this gathering to only five people, wanting the experience to be an intimate and safe gathering.  Accommodation is close to Champs Élysées Paris, Ladurée Champs Élysées and Opera. You will appreciate the accommodation for the height of the ceilings, comfort and location. These accommodation are perfect our group. Apartment for 6 people, 3 bedrooms, a Haussmann building, a Superb bathroom, bath, shower and fully equipped kitchen.



We will be tucked away near the center of Paris, home away from home. We will be sharing a flat, each person with own bed. It will be our place of gathering to share our feelings of the day, maybe our trepidations for the next. It be a safe place where we will share meals and thoughts. 

The price of this gathering will include:

  • Accommodations for three nights.

  • Traditional French breakfasts and dinners—catering to each persons dietary needs.

  • Hosted and guided by myself and another—a true Parisian, Dean Dorat, knowing all of the beautiful subtleties that makes Paris the beauty she is. 

  • Guided each full day there, seeing not only the noted beauty, but more so, the discrete ones as well.

  • Each night will be filled with food, soft music, sharing and supporting one another's creativity and the feelings we express. 



To reserve you spot, please send $750* (through Paypal to henrylohmeyer@gmail.com), with balance being due by October 1st. Please feel free to email us at henrylohmeyer@gmail.com, with any questions you may have. 


Agendas are a necessary evil, most of my gatherings, even as many as 15, end up more conversational and intimate—sharing, expressing and growing—it's really all connected to what we feel about all that we see and the photos we make. With only seven of us, including Dean and I, I feel it might go that way. With that said, we will be sending out an agenda as the time approaches, but again, want to stay in tune to the group ethos and how we are feeling from day-to-day. Shooting varies from one day to the next, but also for me, a day lifts the next and the next, like something growing. It's really all we know to do, staying open to spaces and others. 


Dean Dorat  was trained as a still life photographer, but her heart is in taking photos of moments, involving people—old and young souls. Dean loves shooting portraits, events, or documenting stories. What touches her in photography is to be able to see and capture an instant, a moment that touches her deeply, that resonates with her own story, whether it is conscious or subconscious.  From working with Ben Harper and Carleen Anderson, to being assigned to shoot backstage at various Paul Smith’s fashion shows in both Paris and London, through professional assignments and personal projects, Dean comes across incredible stories, unforgettable people, always feeling so humbled at the privilege of capturing the essence of a moment.



Henry Lohmeyer uses his lens to capture the edges of vulnerability, where heart meets soul and the courage to be seen is the only thing left waiting. A seasoned photographer, Henry’s learned his craft by wandering the streets of St. Louis, Los Angeles, NYC and most recently Paris, France for three months, where the stories of men arriving from Afghanistan and elsewhere illuminates for all of us just how fragile it is, this notion we hold of “home.”

*Because of limited space available, deposit is non-refundable.